Aglaonema Tigress 1′


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Light Requirements:  Aglaonema variety will do best in a well-lit location. Bright indirect sunlight is optimal. Never place your Aglaonema in full sun the leaves burn easily.  Aglaonema will do fine and even thrive, in low light areas.  Artificial or fluorescent lights found in offices is enough for this tough plant to do extremely well.

Watering:  Let your Aglaonema dry-out between watering.  Never let sit in water.  10″ plants should be dry 1″ – 2″ deep when watered.  6″ plants should be dry around 1″ deep.  Plants in high lit areas will require more water.  Plants in low lit areas can go 2-3 weeks between watering.

Using a spray bottle to mist your plant will help humidity and clean your plant both being beneficial.  Not Required

Aglaonema can tolerate quite a bit of neglect before acting up.  Neglect Rating 5  (1-5)