Indoor Office Plant Care In Oakland

Our love for nature is part of our biology, the scenery, smell and overall feeling we we have in our bodies when in nature is indescribable. This is often lost in major urban areas such as Oakland, the way we connect with nature in urban areas is to bring plants into our homes and trees into our yards. At work though, this can be a very different story.

In most offices you’ll find modern conveniences but often overlooked in indoor plants. This is where Access Plants can help. With our vast knowledge of plant varieties, we can match your workspace to plants that thrive in an indoor environment.

We are full service indoor plant care in Oakland. From design layout to staging & deliver to maintenance of your plants, we are the indoor plant experts.

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Is Office Plant Care Right For Your Oakland Business?

Whether you’re in a high rise, single building or a restaurant, we have plants that will fit your style and company culture. Knowing what indoor plants to purchase is the first step. Does your office get much sunlight? Where are the plants placed? How are they cared for?

All important questions to sustain the life, beauty and benefits of indoor plants for your workspace.  Indoor plants are the perfect addition to any business. Below are just a few benefits of indoor plants:

Increase office appeal

Oakland is a diverse and growing city for businesses, what you don’t often thing about is nature. There are many benefits to indoor plants, one being aesthetics. Indoor office plants are a great way to increase the appeal of your office for clients, customers and more importantly your staff.

Design a space that increases your aesthetic appeal of your workspace with Access Plants. The plant care experts in Oakland.

Reduce stress

You may not be aware that plants are a natural stress reliever. When you combine natural sunlight and plants in your work environment, studies have shown a 15% decrease in stress compared to offices that didn’t include sunlight and indoor plants. Indoor plants naturally reduce stress while providing great aesthetic appeal to your wordspace.

Learn more about indoor plant care by contacting us today!

Boost productivity

You’re aware that the right indoor plant maintenance company can spruce up your workspace, but were you aware they can also boost productivity of your team? One study found that businesses with indoor plants and sunlight reported a 6& increase of productivity with their staff.

The natural shades of green that you find with plants are energizing colors. Workspace that maintain healthy indoor plants report staff members feeling more energized.

Take the step today to increase your team’s productivity with indoor plants! We’ll maintain healthy plants through expert plant care in your Oakland business.

Reduce Noise

Natural and aesthetically pleasing plants can play a vital role in workplace distractions. One of the main productivity killers is noise, it’s distracting. Many Oakland businesses have to deal with noisy environments due to noise reverberating off hard services such as concrete, hardwood, tile and stone.

Strategically placed indoor plants can help reduce noise while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your office. Let natural indoor plants dampen unwanted noise that can kill your productivity and lessen distractions.

Cleaner air

Air quality is important, while most are familiar with pollutants in the air outside. Many fail to realize there are a number of pollutants found indoors, especially in buildings in Oakland. Pollutants can be emitted from office furniture, cleaning products, and a variety of other sources.

Indoor plants are a great way to clean the air in your workspace and having a professional maintain your indoor plants will results in cleaner are month in and month out. At Access Plants, we are indoor plant experts. If you’re looking for an indoor plant expert in Oakland for office, business or restaurant, give us a call to discuss your space.


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