Indoor Office Plant Care In San Francisco

The love of nature is hardwired into our biology. Indoor plants are a way we connect with nature when we live in urban areas such as San Francisco. You and your staff may currently have indoor plants at home, why not bring them into your place of business? With Access Plants, you can rest assured you’ve hired the experts in plant care in San Francisco. From design layout, staging and maintenance of your plants, we’ll ensure your plants are well maintained and providing the aesthetic appeal and benefits plants bring to your office.

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Is Office Plant Care Right For Your San Francisco Business?

The varieties of plants to choose from can be endless, this is where we come in. With our years of knowledge and experience, we know what varieties of plants will thrive in an indoor environment and which ones will achieve what you’re looking for. There are many benefits to indoor plants, we’ll find the right ones that will match your companies culture, bringing you benefits of nature, indoors.

Indoor plants are a perfect addition to any office or restaurant. Give us a call if you’re looking for indoor plant care in San Francisco. Below are just a few benefits of indoor plants:

Increase office appeal

In San Francisco, nature isn’t something that comes to mind. The way to combat this is to bring nature indoors by including indoor plants into your wordspace. Plants are a great way to increase your office appeal and bring the benefits of plants to your staff.

While bringing plants in is one part, maintaining your plants is another story. You need to understand what plants do well in an indoor environment as well as what style will be aesthetic value to your space. This knowledge is where we excel, let us consult with you on the design layout and maintain your indoor plants so keep the appeal month in and month out.

Reduce stress

Two of our strongest senses are smell and sight. The combination of sunlight and plants are known to be a natural stress reliever and it’s been proven through studies that when both elements are brought into a workspace, staff’s stress levels decrease by 15%.

Indoor plants are a simple and natural way to reduce stress and increase productivity.
indoor plant care San Francisco

Boost productivity

Aside from reducing stress by combining indoor plants with natural sunlight.

You’re aware of the appeal your  and reduced stress that comes with indoor plants for your office, but are you aware plants can boost staff productivity as well?

A recent study found office spaces that have plants and sunlight reported an increase of 6% in productivity levels compared to offices without a natural connection to the environment.

The natural shades of green found in indoor plants leave staff members feeling more energized. Of course, good indoor office plant care in Marin County is important to keep your plants a lovely green!

Reduce Noise

Once productivity killer for staff members is noisy environments. Indoor plants act as a natural and aesthetically pleasing noise damper. In offices that offer open floor plans, noise bounces off services such as hardwood, concrete, tile and marble which reverberates sound.

By strategically placing plants throughout your workspace or restaurant, you can dampen noise and offer an aesthetically pleasing space, all while eliminating noise distractions.

Cleaner air

Indoor plants are natural air purifiers. With the increased pollutants often found in large cities such as San Francisco, a natural way to clean air in your office would be through including natural plants in your workspace. Plants absorb carbon dioxide along with other pollutants and release more oxygen into the air.

If you’re new to indoor plants or looking for for an indoor plant expert in San Francisco, give us a call to discuss your needs. We are an approved vendor for most highrise buildings in Downtown/Financial District of San Francisco.

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