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We have an innate desire to connect with nature, however this can be difficult in the urban areas we live in. Indoor plants are an affordable way to create a friendly and more positive workspace for your customers and employees. At Access Plants, we are plant experts. If you own a business in Marin County, we can discuss the benefit of indoor plants for your business.

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Is Office Plant Care Right For Your Business?

Indoor plants are much different than something you’d plant in your yard. It’s important to understand the types of plants that will sustain an indoor environment. With thousands of plants to choose from, we’ll work with you to develop an atmosphere that works with your company culture. Here are some benefits of bringing indoor plants into your office space.

Increase office appeal

You can simply increase your office appeal by strategically placing indoor plants in your office space. In studies, one of the most requested items by staff is adding indoor plants to working spaces and a study completed by workspaces found 20% of people noted the more important element of their office was indoor plants.

Reduce stress

Nature and plants are a natural stress reliever. When wordspaces include both sunlight and plants, the well-being of your staff increases by 15%. This is a very simple, efficient and affordable way to reduce stress.

If you’re interested in learning more about plant care in Marin County, give us a call today at 415-332-7568.

Boost productivity

You’re aware of the appeal your  and reduced stress that comes with indoor plants for your office, but are you aware plants can boost staff productivity as well?

A recent study found office spaces that have plants and sunlight reported an increase of 6% in productivity levels compared to offices without a natural connection to the environment.

The natural shades of green found in indoor plants leave staff members feeling more energized. Of course, good indoor office plant care in Marin County is important to keep your plants a lovely green!

Reduce Noise

Once productivity killer for staff members is noisy environments. Indoor plants act as a natural and aesthetically pleasing noise damper. In offices that offer open floor plans, noise bounces off services such as hardwood, concrete, tile and marble which reverberates sound.

By strategically placing plants throughout your workspace or restaurant, you can dampen noise and offer an aesthetically pleasing space, all while eliminating noise distractions.

Cleaner air

There are indoor pollutants, these are often the result of office furniture, cleaning products and a variety of other sources. Most offices are not well ventilated, the air gets stagnant which results in reduces are quality. Indoor plants are natural air purifiers. They absorb carbon dioxide along with other pollutants and release more oxygen into the air.

We specialize in indoor office plant care for Marin County so you can put your plants to work creating cleaner air for your customers and staff.


If have questions about what office plants are right for you, we’d love to help! We specialize in indoor office plant care in Marin County.



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