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We do so much more than just sell indoor plants, we are the indoor/office plant experts in the Bay Area.

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Plants our top-quality well-acclimated selections personally selected by experts. Most varieties are grown in Florida, Hawaii or Southern California and acclimated locally.

Decorative Containers presented at this site are more than 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Material by weight. This gives new life to materials that had already had a useful life. Top-quality and durable with an elegant shape they are an excellent choice for commercial and residential use.

Full-Service Maintenance provided by well-trained plant technicians. Access Plants hire people that are enthusiast about plants and respect your place of work or home.

Design Concepts are available from our 20 years of experience working with plants. Access Plants knowledge about what plants work within what environments will complement your existing interior design. An expert opinion about what plants to use will keep the plants looking great when the project is done and many years past.

Online Plant Sales makes purchasing plants for your home or office easy and convenient. We are delivering a wide variety of indoor plants to your door. If you would prefer an onsite visit give us a call and we will make an appointment to recommend plants for your space.

About Us

Access Plants is an Interior Plant Design and Maintenance Service based locally in the Bay Area. Founded in 2001 by Eric Mortimer, who’s passion for plants and nature is deeply rooted here in the Bay Area. Eric grew up in San Rafael hiking and biking the beautiful hills of Marin. This is where his love for nature grew. After working in Corporate America for many years after college, Eric decided to take his love for nature and plants and start his company Access Plants. After 19 years of Plant Service, his passion is deeper than ever to make the world a greener and healthier place.

We are committed to supporting charitable and community activities in all the markets we do business in. We are dedicated to making our hometown a better and greener place