Indoor Plant Maintenance San Mateo

Indoor plants make an excellent addition to any interior space. Whether it is to brighten up your home office, perhaps make the air inside your home more breathable, or because you love greenery, indoor plants are a perfect choice. Unfortunately, many people shy away from keeping indoor plants primarily because they are assumed to be high maintenance. The fact is that indoor plant maintenance in San Mateo is easy and takes just a few minutes of your time. What’s more, is the fact that these plants are one of the most cost-effective ways to clean indoor air.

Since many home and business owners ask about maintaining indoor plants, we’ll go over what is required to ensure your plants remain healthy in this article.

The Art of Keeping Your Indoor Plants Healthy

It is a well-established fact that all plants regardless of where they reside need air and water to survive. However, good soil, with the right combo of nutrients is like icing on the cake. That being said if you can ensure that all indoor plants get the right amount of sunlight and water, they will remain healthy and grow for a long time.

The big mistake many people make is not knowing enough about the plants they buy. Some plants require more sunlight than others. The same goes for plants that require more water than others. That’s why you’ll always want to buy a plant that matches your particular type of home, office and lifestyle.

Indoor Plants that Require the Least Light

Now if you live in a place that does not get enough sunlight like an apartment, then you’d want to probably buy an indoor plant that does not require as much sunlight. Below are a couple of plants that don’t require as much sunlight, making them perfect for apartments:

  • Devil’s Ivy– Easily identified by its vibrant and colorful leaves, the plant can thrive in low light environments. However, it also thrives in often bright or indirect light.
  • Dracaena– It is characterized by its long green leaves with thick foliage. The only drawback if you can call it one is that the foliage needs to be trimmed every few weeks.
  • Philodendron – It is an indoor plant that does not attract pests and tends to be very good at adapting to various environments, including slightly darker ones.
  • Peace Lily– It is a plant that does very well in low light environments. However, it tends to require more water than others.

Water Regularity

Indoor plant maintenance in San Mateo is incomplete without the right watering schedule. In general, you will need to water the plant at least two times a week. However, some indoor plants tend to need more water than others. Make sure that you find out how much water your plant needs before you buy it. Then schedule watering it accordingly.

The things you need to keep in mind is that plants which require less water will not survive very well if they are overwatered. The same goes if they require less water. So, this is something you need to keep in mind when buying indoor plants.