Indoor Plant Maintenance Daly City

Indoor plants have gone from being something people with a green finger would spend time and effort into something that now everyone wants, and we’d argue needs. The leading reason why many people often consider an indoor plant is because it helps spice up their interior. Offices often place indoor plants in the hallways and also in cubicles to give it a more “organic” look. However, some people may be concerned about what type of maintenance these plants will require, especially if they live a busy life in Daly City.

In this article, we’ll go into why indoor plants are an excellent idea for any space and what type of maintenance can you expect to perform to keep them healthy and growing.

The Basics of Indoor Plant Maintenance

Indoor plants like any other type of plant require water, air, sunshine and fertile soil. However, unlike outdoor plants and trees, indoor plants do not need as much water, air or sunshine for that matter. Many of these plants can continue to be perfectly healthy on a fraction of what outdoor plants need. That’s why they aren’t very time consuming to maintain.

How Often Do Indoor Plants Need to Be Watered?

On average you’re looking at watering them once every week. However, it depends on the size and type of plant. Smaller plants need more frequent watering but don’t require as much water as larger plants. Some plants like Succulents only need to be watered once every ten days or even fifteen days.

If your plant gets more sunlight, then it generally means that it will also need more water. You will at most need to check to see if the soil is dry before adding water. If it feels moist even after a week, then perhaps your plant isn’t getting enough sunlight. Other than that, there isn’t much to it.

Daly City is Home to Many Different Indoor Plant Types

You can find dozens of indoor plat types in the city literally. Depending on your lifestyle and aesthetic choices, we are pretty sure that there is a plant that will fulfill your requirements. Whether you want a plant that can do well in low light, and little water, or one that grows into a mini tree indoors, they all tend to thrive in the city. The only advice we can give you is to find a plant that fits in with the interior of your home or place of business.

Make Sure to Keep the Plant Pest Free

All plants can and will attract pests. Fortunately, keeping them at bay is easy. On the most basic level, you will want to ensure that your plant is clean. Plus, you will want to use an organic anti-pest plant spray maybe once a month or if there are signs of pest infection.

If you are not sure how best to keep your plant healthy or deal with pests, most stores that sell them (indoor plants) will be able to help you. Plus, there are many products readily available in Daly City that when used correctly, can keep your indoor plants healthy and happy.