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Why Are Plants Good for Your Home?

Overt the past hundred years, we’ve been experiencing rising pollution levels. The most affected are people who live in big and densely populated cities. The pollution ruins everything from our skin and hair to our body’s own immune system. Also, contrary to popular belief, pollution isn’t just outside our homes, but it is within it.

Have you ever heard of the term Sick Building Syndrome? It is a term that’s used to describe symptoms that are experienced by regular healthy people working in a large building. The people in this building will often suffer from eye irritation to allergies and dizziness. The disorder was first mentioned in 1989 by Dr Bill Wolverton, who found that when the occupants of a building are away for a while, the symptoms quickly diminish. Indoor plants can help to rectify the situation and in many cases, prevent it too.

Plants Make it Easier to Breathe

Every time we breathe, the body absorbs oxygen and discharges carbon dioxide. On the other hand, plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. The opposing pattern of generating gases by plants and man, make them naturally compatible.

When plants are added to interior spaces, it increases the levels of oxygen. At night when photosynthesis stops, that’s when plants will respire like human beings, i.e. absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. However, a couple of plants like epiphytic bromeliads, orchids and succulents work oppositely by absorbing carbon dioxide and in turn releasing oxygen. So, these are the types of plants you’ll want in the bedroom at night.

Release Water

Part of the photosynthetic process is releasing water. Plants will often release water vapor, which in turn increases the humidity in the room. It is estimated that most plants will release around 97% of the water that they absorb.

When you have several plants placed together, they can increase the room’s humidity which keeps respiratory issues at bay. The Agricultural University of Norway showed that using plants indoors decreases instances of colds, dry skin, dry cough and sore throat.

Plants Purify the Air Indoors

Plants are known to remove a myriad of toxins from the air. Around 87% of all volatile organic compounds can be removed within 24 hours according to studies by NASA. The VOCs as they are called includes formaldehyde that is present in many areas of the home, as well as benzene that’s found in high concentrations in everything from books to newspapers.

The latest climate-controlled buildings are airtight with VOCs trapped in them. So, by adding plants, it is possible to purify the air by removing contaminants.

Good for Health in General

Adding indoor plants to any room has been shown to improve general health. When added to hospital rooms, studies show that it had a marginal improvement in the health of sick people. It also helps ease medical issues like blood pressure and lowers the heart rate.

According to a study by the Dutch Product Board for Horticulture, plants in the workplace decreased headaches, colds, fatigue and other issues, which points to the positive effects of adding plants to any indoor space.


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