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COVID 19 Restaurant Plants

With Indoor Dining Opening, How to Use Plants for Your Restaurant During COVID-19

After months of lockdowns, the public has been anticipating the opening of indoor dining. Many larger cities like San Francisco have been notified when reopening they could be around 20% of capacity for restaurants.

While many restaurants prepare for indoor dining to reopen, with special seating arrangements, the fact is that social distancing measures will still be in place. The measures will continue to be in place until a vaccine is introduced. So, how can a restaurant deal with a reduced amount of patrons, while at the same time make their space more inviting and healthy? The answer to that is indoor plants.

Your Restaurant Has More Space for Plants

Now if your restaurant is operating at 20% of its regular seating capacity, there is a lot of free space. While open space is good, it does not exactly look great if there is a lot of it. Furthermore, it gives the impression of the restaurant being empty or unpopular, which isn’t a good thing either.

Fortunately, you now have more space for indoor plants. As a restaurant owner, adding more plants to your space will make it healthier and give it a more organic look. Plus, it fills in all that empty space which makes your restaurant look less empty. Additionally, many people prefer being seated next to a plant as opposed to a wall with a few patrons on the other side.

Plants Make Social Distancing Feel Less Anti-Social

Restaurants have traditionally been places where people meet up. However, new social distancing measures means that you won’t be able to spot someone you know across the lobby and walk up to them. Instead, you’re expected to remain in your own space, which quite frankly feels counterintuitive.

As a restaurant owner, the safety of your patrons is paramount. Yet at the same time, you don’t want people feeling as though they are being strong-armed into following social distancing measures if anything that sends out the wrong signals.

By adding plants between tables, and in between empty spaces, you’re not only putting some distance between patrons, but it feels more natural. It offers your patrons the safety and security they deserve while at the same time, creating a calm and organic dining experience.

When plants are placed strategically, they can also reduce noise which is always a good thing.

Plants Make Your Restaurant Smell Better

Any number of plants when used correct work as a natural deodorant. Plus, flowering plants can make your restaurant smell fresh and clean. The only challenge is perhaps finding the right plants and placing them in the right areas. Fortunately, a plant expert, many of whom also sell indoor plants can help you with it.


Today with indoor dining opening in many states, now is the best time to make sure that your restaurant offers patrons a safe space. By using plants, you can create an aesthetically pleasing experience for everyone while enforcing mandatory social distancing measures.

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