Indoor Plant Maintenance Santa Clara

Do you want to liven up your home, place of business or office? Then a couple of indoor plants should help you do the trick. Contrary to popular belief indoor plant maintenance in Santa Clara is very easy. The key is finding the right plant that’s best suited to your lifestyle. Fortunately, there are quite a few different plants from which you can choose.

Many people who are new to buying and maintaining indoor plants are often scared that it will take up too much of their time. However, that’s not the case because indoor plants by their very definition need the least amount of care.

How to Buy Indoor Plants?

One of the best ways to get your hands on a couple of indoor plants is to buy them. Buying the plants from a reputed seller, means that you get healthy plants that are easy to raise and spend no time trying to grow them from seeds or clippings.

The plants you buy will arrive in their containers for the most part. The only work you might have to do a little later on is transfer the plants that have grown out of the container they came in, into a larger one. It is a simple process for most plants that does not take more then ten minutes.

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

The short answer is that indoor plants don’t need as much light as outdoor plants. However, part of indoor plant maintenance in Santa Clara is to make sure that depending on the plant you have, that it gets enough sunlight.

Generally speaking succulents and cacti need as much sunlight as compared to perhaps foliage that can do with around eight hours of it. Depending on where you live you can choose an indoor plant that can grow well in the amount of sunlight your home or office receives.

What to Consider when Buying an Indoor Plant?

Well you will want to make sure that the plant has a healthy root system. If it is a small plant, you can check the roots by briefly pulling it out to see if they are thick and light colored. You will also want to check the foliage. Ideally, you should buy a plant with thick foliage.

Finally, make sure that the plant is free of any diseases or pests. Check for white dots, sticky residue or bad smell. If you notice any of these issues then don’t buy the plant because it is going to be near impossible to cure.

What Indoor Plants Should You Buy?

If you are looking for indoor plants that are low maintenance, we suggest that you choose one of these plants:

  • Dracaena
  • Sansevieria Zeylanica Superba
  • Hedera Helix
  • Scindapsus

If you are still not sure what plant to get, then speak to an expert. Make sure to mention what indoor plant maintenance you can handle, and your lifestyle so that they can recommend a plant accordingly. That said you can also choose any one or all of the plants listed above.