Indoor Plant Maintenance Company Menlo Park

In recent years there has been a significant push by environmental groups and people in the wellness industry in favor of indoor plants. One of the reasons why indoor plants often come highly recommended is because our indoor air quality is now one of the poorest in the world. Every breath we take indoors is just as bad if not worse than what we breathe outdoors. Indoor plants are an economical, viable and easy way to improve the quality of air. However, many people have questions about indoor plant maintenance in Menlo Park.

In this article, we’ll examine how much maintenance most indoor plants need, and which are a viable choice based on where you live.

Indoor Plant Watering Requirements

The amount of water that your indoor plant needs will vary depending on its type and size. Smaller plants need less water, but they also need to be watered more frequently. Plus plants that get more sunlight also need more frequent watering.

Here are a few common indoor plants and their watering requirements. Consider this to be an instance of the type of indoor plant maintenance in Menlo Park; owners can expect:

  • Succulents – Generally, succulents need to be watered just once every 10 days on average. However, you will want to feel the soil to see if it’s dry. Never add more water if the soil feels wet; wait for it to be bone dry. When watering don’t hold back, make sure to flood the plant and then allow the water to drain.
  • The Aloe Plant – Aloe plants are succulents, and so the same watering instructions apply like the one mentioned above.
  • Peace Lily – Peace Lilys need to be watered on average once every week. You will want to check if the soil is dry for the first 2 inches. If you see that the soil is taking longer to dry, it means that the plant isn’t getting enough light. However, Peace Lilies tend to thrive in moist soil.
  • Snake Plant – Snake plants are very similar to succulents in the sense that you need to wait for the soil to be completely dry before watering. Generally, you’re looking at watering it every 12 days on average or twice a month. It (snake plant) requires the least indoor plant maintenance in Menlo Park, so as long as it gets at least eight hours of direct sunlight.

Other Maintenance Requirements

Other than watering your indoor plants, you will also want to make sure that they are insect-free. Plus, you’ll want to transfer them into a larger pot or container as they outgrow the current one.

Many indoor plant owners will also want to check the PH level of the soil to ensure that their plants grow well and are healthy.


Indoor plants can make a great addition to any indoor space. What’s more, as you can see from the above indoor plant maintenance in Menlo Park isn’t a lot. However, since it cleans your indoor air for free, they are a welcome addition for any home or office.