Indoor Plant Maintenance Company In Atherton

The decision to get an indoor plant may probably be the best one you’ve made, especially when it comes to improving the air quality in your home or office. Numerous studies have shown that the indoor air quality in many parts of Atherton and the US, in general, is lower than it has ever been before. Pollutants are one factor but which is compounded by the fact that we are increasingly living in spaces that are packed with little to no fresh air.

Fortunately, indoor plants are an easy, cheap and highly efficient way to cleaning up the air. What’s more, is that they are low maintenance for the most parts. However, they still require some maintenance to be healthy.

How Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality?

People in America tend to spend up to 90% percent of their time indoors. Air pollutants often accumulate indoors and lead to various health issues which range from throat irritation to respiratory conditions, and headaches. Low-quality air has also been shown to impact a student’s performance in school.

Indoor air quality is further impacted by Volatile Organic Compounders (VOCs). VOCs can be found in numerous household products like disinfectants, air fresheners, and paint amongst others. Plants have been shown to have a positive impact on air quality as they tend to absorb these pollutants. However, the more indoor plants you have, the safer the air will be indoors. Plus, some plants tend to absorb more pollutants than others.

What Maintenance is Needed for Indoor Plants?

Most indoor plants require the same type of maintenance as outdoor plants. That means they need to be watered, need fertilizer, and access to the right amount of sunlight. While that may sound like a lot, indoor plants are easier to maintain because they, for instance, don’t need to be watered every day or every second day even. You can get away with watering most maybe twice a month.

In terms of sunlight, most plants just need eight hours of sunlight, though more is often better. That said some indoor plants can do well in lower light conditions. So, it is a matter of buying the right plant for your indoor environment.

Indoor Plants are Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people buy indoor plants in Atherton because it helps break up the monotony of their décor. It adds a touch of organic beauty because just about everyone loves plants. Also, some plants are small enough to be placed anywhere in the home, which makes them ideally suited for smaller homes or apartments.

Choose the Right Indoor Plant for Your Space

Whether it is aesthetic reasons or to clean up the air in your office, it is essential to buy the right indoor plant.  Fortunately, there are many to choose from, and most experts will help you pick one. For instance, if your home does not get enough sunlight, a Snake Plant may be a good choice. The same goes for if you don’t have the time to water the plant. So, you’ll always want to speak to an expert to find the right indoor plant for your space.